WEMBA MyWharton Features Overview

This is an overview of the MyWharton Community interface for WEMBA students and staff.

Before You Start 

MyWharton Interface Overview 


The MyWharton Dashboard aggregates data and provides links to other areas of MyWharton and Penn/Wharton sites. 

  • My Calendar – upcoming personalized calendar items (see Calendar section below for details)
  • Important Dates – upcoming important dates (determined by staff)
  • Canvas Assignments – number of assignments due in the next week; links to Canvas dashboard 
  • Unread Canvas Announcements – number of unread announcements; links to Canvas dashboard
  • Checklist To-Do’s – number of items due in the next week; links to Checklist app
  • Activity Feed – personalized activity feed; contains posts from WEMBA Community Managers
  • Announcements – 3 most recent announcements
  • My Groups – list of groups that the user is a member of (see Groups section below for details)
  • Files - Contain important files that are relevant to each student's WEMBA program.

MyWharton Dashboard page


The Calendar page allows students to search events, bookmark events, book GSRs, and add events to external calendars (e.g., Outlook, Gmail, etc.). 

Note: If you want to request a room or submit an event, please contact your class manager. 

Different calendar view options

  1. All Events – displays all events for WEMBA students
  2. My Calendar  displays personalized events for the user, including:
    • Classes for the current term and next term (automatically added; changes reflected within 24 hours)
    • Appointments from CareerPath (automatically added; changes reflected within an hour)
    • Bookmarked events (user has to manually bookmark events from the All Events section)
    • GSR reservations (automatically added)
  3. Important Dates – determined by WEMBA staff 

Other Page Features

  • Filter – search for events by date range, topic, or group
  • Views – list view or calendar view (use calendar view to see past events)
  • Book GSR – links to the GSR reservation system
  • MyWharton Calendar Feeds – links to a Calendar Feeds page where students can subscribe to or import events from their MyWharton calendar.

MyWharton Calendar


The Academics page aggregates all of the relevant resources for courses. 

  • Current Term | Next Term – displays registrations for current/next term (changes to registration will be reflected within 24 hours)
  • Class Manager – displays student’s class manager contact information 
  • Degree Information – displays degree, major, minor, and expected graduation;
  • Featured Links - provides other course-related links depending on the student type (e.g., Canvas, Penn Academic Calendar, Syllabi, Wharton Course Catalog, etc.)

MyWharon Academics


The Groups page allows students to view groups that they belong to. Groups are managed by MyWharton Community Managers. 

Click into a specific group to: 

  • See group details and members
  • Manage notification preferences
  • View group activity feed and announcements posted for that group

MyWharton Groups


The People page allows students to search the directory of current Wharton students and staff as well as a link to MyPenn for Alumni. 

  • List of active users – search by name, home town, profile, or industry; current students and staff 
  • Link to MyPenn for Alumni

News & Notices

The News & Notices page displays all announcements from groups that a student belongs to and allows them to search and filter.

  • Displays announcements for all groups user is a member of
  • Search announcements by title
  • Filter announcements by topic or group

All Links

The All Links page allows students to organize links to resources across Penn and Wharton. 

  • Links to resources across Wharton and Penn
  • Users can toggle the heart icon next to links to add it to their My Links box 

MyWharton All Links

MyWharton All Links Drop-down Menu


The Support page contains knowledge articles for students to self-service frequently asked questions and other logistical details to help them navigate their Wharton experience. The support page will have slightly different topics depending on student type. 

MyWharton Support


The Program Files page contains important files that are relevant to each student's WEMBA program.

MyWharton Program Files Library

MyWharton Program Files within Library Folder

Top Navigation

The Top Navigation displays across all pages in MyWharton Community. 

  • Search – will return results across MyWharton and all Wharton WordPress sites
  • My Links – links favorited by the user; GSR link will be preset for all users 
  • Notifications (Bell) – notifications for direct messages, user comments, liking comments, and other communication-related events.
  • User Profile Menu
    • Home 
    • My Profile – edit profile information, view groups, upload files, followers/following 
    • My Settings – set notification preferences 
    • Contact Support
    • Logout 

Program Files screenshot with drop box menu down


Staff: admin-support@wharton.upenn.edu 

Students: support@wharton.upenn.edu