Two-Step: Account Recovery

This article is meant to provide guidance if you're unable to access your account because of Two-Step Verification. Your options may vary from service to service.

Faculty, Staff, and PhD Students

Contact your Wharton Computing Representative for the best option to use for recovery.

New Device

If you've recently gotten a new device, and still have access to your old one, and are simply looking to reconfigure Two-Step, see Two-Step: New Phone/Device (Students).

Two-Step Verification is an important aspect of account security. However, whether you've lost your phone or simply no longer have access to your Two-Step device, recovery can be a confusing process. Here are some steps you can take to access your account.

PennKey and PennO365

DuoMobile PassCodes

If you have another device with the DuoMobile app installed, you can use it to generate a new passcode.

  1. Launch DuoMobile.
  2. Choose the PennKey Account (if you have multiple accounts).
  3. Click Show to show the passcode. You may need to refresh your passcode.

If you don't have another device enrolled in DuoMobile, you can add it via the Duo Device Management Portal.

Voice or Text Message

If you have access to another device or phone, you can add it in the Duo Device Management Portal and configure it to call you with your passcode. 

  1. Choose Add a device in your Duo Device Management Portal
  2. Choose Phone Number 
  3. If it's a landline, check the box. 
  4. Next time you try to log in, you should be able to get a text/phone message to that device with a code.

Trusted Browser

When logging in to your PennKey, you have the option to trust a browser for 60 days. If you recall doing this, try logging in from that device/browser and then un-enrolling & re-enrolling via Duo Device Management Portal.

Two-Step Help Hotline

If you are unsuccessful using any of the above methods, the Two-Step Verification Code Hotline may be able to assist.  The hotline can be contacted at (215) 746-2222 during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm EST).


These steps only apply to students whose accounts were created before December 2023.

Backup Codes

If you generated a list of backup codes when first setting up Two-Step, you can use these instead of your device when prompted for a code. Keep in mind that each code can only be used once.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in with your username & password
  3. Enter one of your one-time use backup codes
  4. Un-enroll & re-enroll your new two-step device

Text Message

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Having trouble?
  3. Click  Get a verification code at (***)***-**XX
  4. Enter the code you receive
  5. Click Next

Trusted Device

When logging in with your Google account, you have the option to trust a browser. If you recall doing this, try logging in from that device/browser. If successful, go to your Google Two-Step settings and change your two-step device by clicking Change Phone under Authenticator App.

Contact your Wharton Computing Representative

If you cannot recover your accounts via the methods above, please contact the appropriate support team listed below ASAP.


Students - Wharton Computing Student Support

Faculty and Staff - contact your Wharton Computing Representative