Two-Step Verification (PennKey Accounts)

Two-Step Verification is a service that provides an added layer of protection for your accounts. After you log in with your username and password, you'll be prompted to verify your identity – the second step – using a device in your possession such as a mobile phone or key fob.

Google Accounts

You can also enable two-step verification for both personal and student Google accounts. For instructions on how to do so, please see our article here.

Two-Step Methods

For more information regarding various options for Two-Step, please see our Two-Step: Methods of Verification article.

Before You Start 

Make sure you have the following before you start this task: 

  • An active account (e.g. PennKey, Google)
  • Administrative access to your smartphone (if you plan to install the recommended smartphone apps)

Two-Step Required at Penn

Two-Step Verification is critical to account security and is required for all PennKey accounts Google@Wharton accounts. 

Enroll Your PennKey

During this process you will be prompted to choose a method for Two-Step Verification. We highly recommend using the Duo Mobile app for push notifications as it is both more secure and more convenient. (These instructions assume you are going to use the Duo Mobile app).

Getting New Backup Codes

The following instructions assume that you've already setup Two-Step for your PennKey account. If you have not, please follow the above instructions under Enroll Your PennKey.


Faculty & PhD Students:  Academic Distributed Representatives (login required)

Staff: Administrative Support

Students: Wharton Computing Student Support