Bloomberg Terminals

Terminals are available for accessing the Bloomberg Financial Markets data services.

Notice: During the current extended campus closure, in order to provide access to this on-site resource, Lippincott  Library is working to provide students with remote access to Bloomberg terminal services. For information about accessing Bloomberg remotely at Lippincott, please email:

The Bloomberg terminals are solely for the use of accessing the Bloomberg Financial Markets data services. The terminal provides students cutting-edge information on real-time data on the market, news, and the world! Using these terminals do not function as a typical Wharton lab computer as they do not have the same applications.

Logging In

The way you log into the Bloomberg terminals differs from the way you log into the Wharton public computers. Bloomberg login information is available at the Bloomberg terminals.

Location of Bloomberg Terminals

Huntsman Hall

  • Forum Level, across from the entrance to the F75 Computer Labs.
  • Does not support the Bloomberg Excel plugin.

Lippincott Library

  • Yablon Financial Resources Lab (Room 244)
  • Does support the Bloomberg Excel plugin


S&P Capital IQ offers an alternative to the Bloomberg Terminals. Capital IQ is a research tool available to full-time MBA students. It provides students with in-depth reports of information about the financial, analytical, and research of companies, markets, and industries. The S&P Capital IQ Excel Plug-in is not available on the computers in Huntsman Hall.


For more information on the Capital IQ, visit the Library's FAQ

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