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Upload Video Conference Recordings to Canvas

Some instructors may want to upload the recordings of their videoconference meetings separately from the automatic posting of meetings scheduled through Canvas. You'll need to first download the recording from the Zoom or BlueJeans interface and then upload that file to the Class Recordings section of Canvas using Panopto.

Note on Student Uploads to Panopto: In many cases, students may not be able to upload videos directly to Panopto. The workaround for this is to have students upload their videos to PennBox (or another cloud storage option) and then the TA or Professor can transfer them to Panopto.

The instructions in the "Uploading the Recording to Canvas" section can be used to upload any video to Canvas.


Recordings scheduled through Canvas using the steps from Video Conferences for Instruction will be automatically copied to the Class Recordings section of Canvas . The instructions below are for transferring local or cloud Zoom recordings of meetings scheduled a different way.

You may expect that a Zoom recording would consist of one file, however, a Zoom recording will often have many files for you to pick from:

  • There are several Recording layout files (Shared screen with speaker view is probably the best choice for uploading to Canvas).
  • Audio only.
  • Audio transcript

The instructions below will show you how to download all the available recordings for a meeting at once, or pick and choose. Click Read More to see the instructions:


You can download any recording of a video conference you've scheduled (and recorded) following these steps:

Deleting the BlueJeans recording from Canvas

Once you've posted the BlueJeans video to Canvas via Panopto, it is listed in the "Class Recordings" section of your Canvas course site. If the meeting was scheduled through Canvas for the whole class, its recording may appear in the Recorded BlueJeans Meetings section of the BlueJeans tab on your course site, as well. It is a good idea to delete the video in the BlueJeans section so students aren't confused by the duplication:

Uploading the Recording to Canvas

Now that you've downloaded your recorded meeting, you can upload it to the Class Recordings section of Canvas using Panopto by following these steps: