Upload Video Conference Recordings to Canvas

Some instructors may want to upload the recordings of their Virtual Meetings manually since it is currently taking up to 36 hours for the videos to post automatically for those Virtual Meetings scheduled through Canvas. You'll need to first download the recording from the Virtual Meeting interface and then upload that file to Canvas using Panopto.

The instructions in the "Uploading the Recording to Canvas" can be used to upload any video, not just recorded Virtual Meetings, to Canvas.

Download the Virtual Meeting Recording

The scheduler of the Virtual Meeting will receive an email once the recording of a meeting is available. You can click the "Access Recordings" button in that email and skip to Step 3 in the instructions below if you have that email.

You can download any recording of a Virtual Meeting you've scheduled (and recorded) following these steps:

  1. Log into meeting.wharton.upenn.edu with your PennKey username and password.
  2. Your "Recent Recordings" are listed on the right of the screen. If you see your recording there click on it and go to Step 4. Otherwise click Recordings in the top menu.
  3. The "Recordings" screen lists all your recorded Virtual Meetings. Click on the meeting you're interested in uploading to Canvas.
  4. You can watch the video here. Once you confirm this is the recording you want Click the download icon next to the video name.
  5. If your Virtual Meeting recording has multiple chapters (a new chapter is created whenever a recording is stopped and started, or automatically at 2 hour intervals) each chapter is listed separately and can be downloaded individually. You can download a few versions of your Virtual Meeting recording by clicking the download video icon  next to the recording listing. 
    We recommend the "Audio, Video & Presentation" option.
  6. A Save dialogue will appear. Take note of where on your computer you save the recording, since you'll need it for the next section.

Uploading the Recording to Canvas

Now that you've dowloaded your recorded Virtual Meeting you can upload it to Canvas using Panopto by following these steps:

Deleting the Virtual Meeting recording from Canvas

Once you've posted the Virtual Meeting video to Canvas via Panopto it is listed in the "Class Recordings" section of your Canvas course site. The video may appear in the Recorded BlueJeans Meetings section of Virtual Meetings on your course site as well. It is a good idea to delete the video in the Virtual Meetings section so students aren't confused by the duplication: