Join, Leave, or Manage Notifications for a Club (All Students)

MyWharton Community users can join public and private clubs in the Groups tab. In order to join unlisted clubs, you must be invited by the club owner or admin. 

Before You Start 

You need a MyWharton Community account to access the interface. Most students and certain staff designated by each department will be using MyWharton.  If you cannot log in, contact:

Join, Leave, or Manage Notifications for a Club 

To join a club:

  1. Log in to MyWharton Community ( and click the Groups tab.
  2. In the Active Groups view, click the Name of the Club you want to join. From the club page, click + Ask to Join and you'll see a Membership Requested confirmation. Anyone may join Public Clubs but Private Clubs require approval. 

To leave a club or manage notifications:

  1. Once you are a member, you can leave the club by going to the club page and scrolling over Member and clicking Leave GroupYou can also click the Manage Notifications button in the same area to manage club notifications. 


Contact: Staff Computing Support for staff; Wharton Computing Student Support for students 

Email: (staff); (students)