MyWharton Guide

About MyWharton

MyWharton ( provides a central location for all of the information students need and makes it available on any device. It has been designed from the ground up with student input and in partnership with staff members who interact with students daily. 

MyWharton leverages the Salesforce platform being adopted School-wide and will help better utilize data about the Wharton community (students, staff, faculty, alumni) to provide a more personalized portal experience. It has replaced SPIKE, Wharton’s homegrown student portal, which was an integral part of Wharton students' academic lives for well over a decade.  

Goals of the MyWharton Project

  • Communicate more effectively, reduce email overload, and provide easier access to information
  • Enable students to self-serve and easily access support 
  • Improve student satisfaction, feedback, and insights 
  • Put a foundation in place to enable a more personalized student experience 
  • Support students in maximizing learning across the MBA program lifecycle
  • Replace SPIKE, which wasn’t meeting the needs of students or staff 

Getting Started with MyWharton 

To access MyWharton:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your PennKey and password.
All UGR, MBA, and WEMBA students as well as certain staff designated by each department will be using MyWharton. If you cannot log in, contact:

MyWharton functionality differs slightly between student types and staff members. Choose your affiliation below to get customized instructions for getting started with MyWharton. Note the access date for your particular user type: 

MyWharton for WEMBAs 
(Coming Soon)
MyWharton for Faculty (Coming Soon)
MyWharton for Staff 
(Coming Soon)

Installing the Mobile App

Choose your device below to install the MyWharton app on your mobile device. MyWharton mobile allows you to access the same features as the website and also includes persistent login and notifications. 

MyWharton FAQ

Need Help? 

Faculty:  Academic Distributed Representatives

Staff: Administrative Support

Students: Wharton Computing Student Support