Graduation Technology To-Do List

Before You Start:

This article is for Undergraduate and MBA Wharton students. PhD Students should contact their Academic Distributed Representative.

Wharton Student Computing wants your technology transition at graduation to be as smooth as possible. To help you, we've compiled a list of items to make sure your email, files, and accounts are ready to go and that you know all of the important dates for account closings.

Congrats on this major milestone!

Creating Your Alumni Account

Your Wharton Alumni Account gives you access to a wealth of alumni-only benefits.

If you have not already registered, now is the time to do so. Go to WhartonConnect ( and click "Create a Wharton Alumni Account". 

  • Wharton Connect Alumni Portal -- Update your profile now to increase your networking power.
  • Exclusive webinars with renowned Wharton faculty
  • Access to class notes
  • Stay current with Lifelong Learning videos
WhartonConnect mobile app for iOS and android

Prepare Your Email for Transition

Every student should have a Google Takeout Archive, click here for instructions on backing up all of your Google@wharton data.

Transfer your Wharton emails to a personal account using various services. Most students prefer to start this process shortly before or shortly following graduation, click here for more information.

Change of Address Notice: Make sure your contacts know to start using your Alumni forwarding email. We recommend setting up an Out of Office email providing your new address and contact information. Include your Alumni forwarding address as well as your personal email.

Your Wharton Alumni forwarding address is a forwarding address only (not an account to store e-mail). Use it to maintain a Wharton email address that you can forward to any e-mail account you choose.

  • Use the Forwarding App to set email forwarding while your Wharton student account is still active. Forwarding your Wharton student account also sets your Alumni address forwarding. 
  • Use the link on the Alumni Portal, WhartonConnect, to set your email forwarding once your Wharton account has closed.

Unsubscribe and Change Ownership of Mailing Lists

Before you leave campus, unsubscribe from any mailing lists you're currently on. If you are the owner of mailing lists, identify and assign a new owner for the list. (Only current Wharton students can own mailing lists).

You can manage your mailing lists in the Mailing List App

  • Unsubscribe: You can unsubscribe yourself from mailing lists.
    1. Log into the Mailing List App with your PennKey.
    2. Choose the My Membership tab and click "Unsubscribe" under each mailing list you're subscribed to. 
  • Transfer Ownership: Transfer ownership of mailing lists for which you're currently the owner. 
    1. Log into the Mailing List App with your PennKey.
    2. Choose the List Ownership tab => Edit List and add the name of the new owners. (Don't forget to remove yourself!) OR, if you prefer, you can contact with the name of the mailing list and the name and email address of the new list owner.

Save Files You Want to Keep

  • Wharton Google Drive: Your Google Drive documents can be saved using the Google Takeout service. You can then transfer the backed up files to a personal Google Drive or a different desired storage location.
  • Canvas: Download files you want to keep from your Canvas course sites before you lose access. Find your old Canvas sites and download files in a zip format. You can select all the files in a course at once by clicking the topmost file and then Shift+left clicking the bottom-most file. At the top, you will see a cloud icon with an arrow appear with the number of files you have selected, allowing you to download all the files.
  • Study.Net:  Usually you will have 90 days following the end of your course to retrieve material from Study.Net, unless there are specific restrictions on your course materials.  For complete information on retrieving your Study.Net materials, see Course Materials: Study.Net
  • MyWhartonDrive (Y:): If you used your MyWhartonDrive (Y:) on the Wharton public computers, make copies of any files you want to keep by clicking here.
  • OneDrive: If you've used OneDrive via your PennO365 account, please make sure to download any files that you want to keep. You can do so by logging onto, selecting all the files/folders you'd like to save, and click Download in the top-left.

Check Your Printing Account Balance

If you still have a balance on your print account, any funds that were added through PennCash will be refunded to you automatically through the University's Bursar office shortly after you graduate. Funds left over from your initial Wharton "credit" will NOT be refunded. To check your balance, log into myWharton and look at the top right section of your Dashboard. To see your funds from PennCash that will be refunded via Bursar, login to the PennCash site.

Guidelines for Account Closing Dates

Keep in mind that your access to Wharton and Penn Online Services ends shortly after you graduate. Some services will end sooner than others. See our list of closing dates for each service.


Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support