SPAM Emails: Why you are receiving SPAM from a Wharton Email

Receiving SPAM from a Wharton email address? This article can help!

SPAM email from a Wharton email address can be caused by one of two situations:

  • Your account or another Wharton Email has been compromised
  • Your email or another Wharton Email is being spoofed

Compromised Account


If you believe your account has been compromised in any way,  follow the instructions provided here immediately.

Faculty, Staff, and PhD Students

Please contact your IT Representative immediately.

Faculty & PhD students can find a list of IT reps here.

Staff should contact Administrative Support here.

Email Spoofing

Some spammers can setup a "spoof" account that makes it appear as if the mail they send is coming from a Wharton email address. Unfortunately, there is not much Wharton Computing can do except suggest that you report the website/sender for spamming to sites like and or

You might need to look up the site's IP address at a site like this:


Students: Wharton Computing Student Support; 215-898-8600;

Faculty: Academic Distributed IT Representative

Staff: Administrative Support

PhD Students: Academic Distributed IT Representative