All about New Quizzes

Build Button to Simplify New Quizzes Editing

As of April 28, instructors and others working with New Quizzes can now use a Build button, adjacent to Save on the assignment settings screen, to reach quiz editing features -- Build, Settings, Reports, Moderate, and Preview.

As before with the March 20 change, it's still necessary to scroll down past the Assign To area where due and availability dates are set, in order to locate the Save and Build buttons. (Save & Publish is still provided for not-yet-published quizzes.)

Please feel free to contact the IDEA Courseware Team with any questions.

Canvas's New Quizzes has been in use in select courses at Wharton since Spring 2019, and it will eventually replace Classic Quizzes in December 2022. New Quizzes offers many benefits for remote exams, including an easy-to-use quiz building environment.

Creating a Quiz

To create a new quiz...

Question Types

Your quiz can include a mix of automatically and manually graded questions.

Item Banks

Use Item Banks to pull all questions or a specific number of questions randomly from a pool. This is a good way to add variety to the exam and/or keep similar questions together. 

Exams with File Downloads

Use Classic Quizzes if you need to share a link to an exam file that students can access only during the exam. If you need to use New Quizzes instead, you can create a link to the exam file using the following instructions.

Quiz Settings

Open the Settings tab to configure quiz options:

Publish the Quiz

Viewing and Grading Online Quizzes

  • Use Moderate to view student submissions, add more time or attempts for individual students, and to reopen a completed quiz.
  • Add a score for any manually graded questions in SpeedGrader. (Final quiz scores cannot be directly edited in the Gradebook.)

Regrading Questions

You can regrade any automatically graded question, but this should be done only after all students have finished taking the quiz. When you regrade a question for one student, the change will be applied to all students who received that question.

Releasing Scores

When you are ready for students to see their submissions and the correct answers, you should...

Enabling Additional Attempts for Students

Occasionally you may want to give a student another attempt at a quiz. Here's how: