Whartonization Guide: Start Here


Welcome to Wharton! Follow the instructions below to set up your devices and laptops to assist you as a student in the Wharton environment. If you prefer in-person help, email support@wharton.upenn.edu

Before You Arrive 

1. Create Your PennKey Account


Complete the PennKey setup process prior to registering for a Wharton account. Locate the PennKey setup code you received by email and visit the Register my PennKey link. If you experience any problems, please email pennkey@isc.upenn.edu.

PennKey Access Includes:

  • PennInTouch (transcripts, tuition bill)
  • Campus Express (PennCash, PennCard)
  • AirPennNet wireless network
  • Library databases and resources
  • Public Penn computers and study rooms
  • Course materials (Canvas, Study.Net)
  • Public Wharton computers, workstations, and group study rooms
  • MyWharton
  • Printing on campus

2. Create Your Wharton Account

If you are a Penn student taking a Wharton class, please see Creating a Wharton CLASS Account. If you experience any problems, check out our article with common problems and solutions. If you continue to have problems, please email support@wharton.upenn.edu

New UGR, MBA, or WEMBA Students

Transfer, Dual Degree, or PhD Students

  • Accounts will be available several days after your program office notifies you of admission. PhD students should contact the IT Support representatives from their department to obtain an account.

International Exchange Students

Wharton Account Access Includes:

  • Wharton email and calendar hosted by Google
  • Alumni forwarding email (Does not include International Exchange Students) 

3. Login to Your Wharton Email

As a Wharton student you are provided two email addresses: a Short address (PennKey@wharton.upenn.edu and) and an Alumni Forwarding address (First.Last.YearOfGrad@wharton.upenn.edu).

  • Web Browser: Log in through gmail.com
  • External Mail Clients: Google Mail is optimized for web browsers, specifically Chrome. However, it is possible to setup Outlook for Windows and Mac systems.

Note: Your Wharton email address is not a permanent address, and access to this email account will close 1 year after you graduate. You will be reminded to save important emails/contacts and to transition to using your Alumni forwarding email address.

Whartonize Mobile Devices

Set up your mobile devices for wireless access, gmail, calendar feeds, recommended apps, and mobile printing. Start by choosing which type of device you own below.

Choose Your Mobile Device

Whartonize Laptops & Computers

Set up your laptops & computers for wireless access, antivirus and spyware protection, gmail, calendar feeds, laptop printing, virtual lab access, and wireless screen connection for Group Study Rooms. Start by choosing which type of computer you own below.

Choose Your Operating System

Tip: Always check you've performed a procedure to see if it worked correctly. If you need help along the way you can call, email, chat or visit us in person!

Wharton Computing Student Resources

Wharton provides many services to aid both your productivity and security as a student. Click here to see a list of the services available to you.

Some major services provided are:

  • Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc...)
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection (Antivirus for both MacOS and Windows 7)
  • LastPass (Encrypted  password manager)
  • Bluejeans (Video conferencing application)
  • WRDS (Web-based Business Data Research Service)
  • Pharos Print Utility (For printing access to all Wharton printers)

Support Options

Wharton Student Computing:

College House Computing:

Tech Center: