Two-Step Verification (PennO365 Email Accounts)

Two-Step Verification for PennO365 email accounts provides an added layer of protection for your account. After you log in with your username and password, you'll be prompted to verify your identity -- the second step -- using a device in your possession such as a mobile phone or key fob.

PennO365 Two-Step Verification uses the same technology as PennKey Two-Step Verification, so PennO365 will use your already configured PennKey Duo app, or other code generator.

Before You Start 

You will need an active Faculty or Staff account (e.g. PennKey, PennO365).

For more information about choosing between Two-Step methods, see our Two-Step: Methods of Verification article.

Getting Enrolled

1) Enroll Your PennO365 Account

To enroll in PennO365 Email Two-Step Verification follow the instructions below. 

2) Logging into PennO365 Using Two-Step

Logging into PennO365 using Two-Step Verification is very similar to using PennKey Two-Step verification.  

Making Two-Step Easy

Download and Install an Authenticator App

Installing an app on your smartphone makes the two-step process very simple.  We recommend doing this, and choosing the Duo app, which allows you to receive automated push notifications that you tap and approve. 

Note: You will need administrative access to your smartphone to complete this task. 

Generate Backup Codes

If you lose/get locked out of your authentication device, two step can make it difficult to login. That's why you always want to keep backup codes. 

These codes are used in case all of your Two-Step verification methods fail.


If you get an email on your mobile device that says Your e-mail access has been blocked follow these directions to remove/re-add your PennO365 account onto your device.


Students - Wharton Computing Student Support

Faculty - Academic Distributed Representatives

Staff - Administrative Support