Two-Step: New Device/Phone (Students)

This article provides guidance for students with new devices needing to reconfigure Two-Step for PennKey and Google accounts.

Faculty, Staff, and PhD Students

Use this page for self-service directions, or contact your IT Support Representative for the best option to enroll your new device.

Lost Device

If you no longer have access to your original two-step device (i.e., lost, stolen, or broken), then please follow the instructions in our Two-Step: Account Recovery article.

Before You Start

You may need the DUO Mobile app installed before you follow the instructions below.

Two-Step Verification is an increasingly important aspect of account security. However, sometimes, it might not be clear what to do if you have a new phone and need to update your Two-Step settings.


  1. On your laptop or desktop, navigate to Duo Device Management Portal
  2. Log in with your PennKey credentials
  3. Select a login method by clicking Other options
    1. Do not use Hardware Token as an option
  4. Enter the 6 digit code provided by the login method
  5. Choose Add a device
  6. Follow the instructions to install Duo Mobile on your new device
  7. Open Duo Mobile and either:
    • Approve the push notification OR
    • Enter the 6 digit code
  8. Congrats-- Two-Step verification is now set up on your new device!


  1. On a laptop or desktop, navigate to
  2. Log in with your Google@Wharton credentials
  3. Click the Security tab on the left
  4. Scroll down to Signing in to Google
  5. Click 2-Step Verification
  6. Sign in again with your Google@Wharton credentials
  7. Add your new device to your account
    • Click Add Phone under Voice or text message
    • Click Set Up under Authenticator App
  8. Follow the instructions to enroll your new device

Note: If your account was created after December 2023, these steps do not apply to you.


Students - Wharton Computing Student Support

Faculty and Staff - contact your Wharton Computing Representative.