Managing your Google@Wharton Gmail Account (Students)

This article provides instructions on how to manage your Google@Wharton Gmail account – including changing your display name, adding signatures, creating and editing labels, and more!

Before You Start 

You will need one or more of the following before you can complete this task: 

  • An active Wharton Gmail address

Change Your Display Name

Following the steps outlined in Google's documentation will ensure that anyone you email will see your new Display Name as opposed to your default Account Name.

If you wish to change the way your name is displayed for all G-Suite services, send an email to

Create an Email Signature

Signatures ensure that any email you send or reply to will have a standardized sign-off – usually including your name, contact information, and profession. See Google's documentation.

Create, Apply, and Edit Labels

Use labels to categorize your messages. Labels are like folders, but with a twist: You can apply multiple labels to a message, so you can "store" a single copy of a message in multiple labels. You can also:

  • Open a label on the left side of your Mail window to see all messages with that label
  • Search for all messages with a label
  • See labels on messages in your Inbox, to quickly identify different types of messages

Make your labels easy to identify by applying different colors to them. Here’s how labels look in your Inbox:

Gmail labels in inbox

Move Emails without Labels

Clean up your inbox by archiving emails – this will allow you to "move" emails to labels like how a traditional folder would work.

Create Email Filters

Set up email filters to automatically label, block, or prioritize specific senders or domains.


Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support