Change or Reset your Password

This article includes information on how to change your various Wharton and Penn passwords.

For tips & tricks when creating password, see our password guidelines article.

PennKey Username

Your PennKey username is identical to the beginning of your Wharton email address. For example, if your email address is  then your PennKey username is bobsmith. PennKey section indicated with brackets, first half of email before If you have forgotten your PennKey username, you can try looking yourself up in the Penn Online Directory at If you have not restricted your public profile, you may be able to see your email address and derive your PennKey from it.

Change PennKey Password

You can manage your PennKey password by using the following links:

  • PennKey Self-Service Password Reset (Enrollment Required)
    The PennKey Self-Service Password Reset allows you to reset your PennKey passwords through a non-Penn, pre-registered personal email address and/or cell phone number. After you've enrolled, you'll be able to request a password reset link be sent to your registered personal email or number.
  • Change a Known PennKey Password
    If you know your PennKey password and would like to change it, use the Change Known Password application to create a new PennKey password.

  • Reset a Forgotten PennKey Password 
    If you do not remember your PennKey password and have also enrolled in the PennKey Recovery Service, you can reset your password by answering your previously filled-out security questions via the Reset Forgotten PennKey password application.

  •  More PennKey troubleshooting tools

If you have any problems resetting your password or need further assistance, contact the PennKey administrators at

Wharton Password

Managing your Wharton password is easy by using the following links

PennO365 Password

The PennO365 password is now the same are your PennKey. Please use the PennKey section above to manage your password.

Password Tests


To confirm that you are using your PennKey password, try the Test My PennKey link:


To confirm that you are using your Wharton password, use the Test Wharton Password app:


If you were unable to change or reset your password online, please contact:


Faculty: your Academic Distributed Representative (login required)