Reserving Group Study Rooms (GSRs)

The Group Study Room reservation service is available to full-time Wharton students.  Any member of your study group who is a full-time Wharton student should be able to make the reservation for the group.  Full-time Wharton students can reserve up to 90 minutes at a time in a GSR. You can use your mobile device or your laptop to make the reservation.

About the Group Study Rooms (GSRs): 

  • Please see the following article on proper usage of the GSRs: Group Study Rooms Policy.
  • You can connect your laptop to a GSR monitor using the monitor cables or connect wirelessly, depending on which GSR you are using. 
  •  USB ports:  All GSR computers have USB ports for you to plug in a flash drive. 
    • All-in-One computers: look on the left side of the computer, about 5 inches from the bottom.
    • Desktop Computers: these are stored in the cabinets along the wall.  Open the cabinet and plug in the USB drive.
  • If you have issues with the GSR, please see our troubleshooting article: Troubleshooting GSRs.
Students from another college at Penn taking a Wharton class cannot reserve GSRs in Huntsman Hall. However, GSRs, as well as multi-media rooms, café study booths, and seminar rooms, can be reserved at Van Pelt Library with a PennKey.

Reserving GSRs via MyWharton

  1. Log into MyWharton with your PennKey and password. 
  2. Choose the My Links and then Book GSR. This will take you to the GSR Reservation Application (see instructions below). 
If you don't see Book GSR in My Links on MyWharton, make sure to favorite Book GSR in the All Links' Operations and Event Planning section. Instructions for favoriting links can be found here.

Using Spaces and the GSR Reservation Application

To book rooms on a mobile device, navigate to and follow the same instructions as below.
  1. Navigate to the Wharton Spaces application. The default view for the application is a list of all your upcoming reservations across all sources, including Group Study Rooms. To reserve a Group Study Room, click on Create Reservation.
  2. Find the GROUP STUDY ROOM (GSR) section towards the middle left of the Create Reservation page. Click on the building name where you would like to reserve a room. Depending on permissions, you may only see one or two buildings listed; these are the locations where you can reserve a room. Consult the rules for reservations for more information about permissions.
  3. By default, you'll see the list view of all available rooms for the current day. To reserve a room, click the blue Reserve button. To switch buildings and/or date and time, use the drop-down inputs shown below.

     Click Grid View to browse a grid of GSRs. Any available rooms are shown with a + (plus) sign and a green background; a circle with a slash icon on a grey background indicates that the room is unavailable at that particular time. Click on an available room to reserve it.

  4. After clicking reserve, double-check the information is correct. You can forward a calendar invite to your friends by checking the INVITE OTHERS box and entering their email addresses.
  5. Click Book Now.

Questions or Additional Issues?

Contact: Wharton Computing Student Support