Wireless Network Overview

Before You Start 

You'll need: 

  • an active PennKey
  • administrative access to your device (faculty/staff)
  • to be in a location with access to AirPennNet

Penn's wireless network (AirPennNet) provides students with easy access to the wireless network all across campus. AirPennNet gives you high speed access to the Internet from your own laptop, notebook computer, or wireless handheld device.

AirPennNet Vs. AirPennNet Guest: Which One Should You Use?

The wireless network at Penn offers three levels of service in most areas: AirPennNet, AirPennNet-Guest, and AirPennNet-Device.

  • AirPennNet for Wharton Students: More secure and robust, AirPennNet is designed to meet the connectivity needs of Wharton students. This level of service is available for students, faculty and staff using PennKey authentication. Installation and configuration instructions are listed below.
  • AirPennNet-Guest for Visitors: The AirPennNet-Guest service is NOT recommended for students who want to connect to the wireless network because it is not designed to meet the connectivity and security needs of most students. Users must register themselves on this network every Monday; however, it does not require any configuration because it is an open network with limited bandwidth and no encryption. Most areas on campus have a limited number of IP addresses for AirPennNet-Guest and you may be unable to connect during peak capacity. For more information please see: The AirPennNet-Guest network at Penn
  • AirPennNet-Device for Other Devices: AirPennNet-Device is specifically designed for devices that cannot connect to the normal AirPennNet Network. This can include devices such as Gaming Consoles, tablets, and more.

Accessing the AirPennNet Wireless Network





Supported Devices

Devices that can connect to AirPennNet include:

  • Windows users (7, 8/8.1, 10)
  • Mac OS X users (10.11.3 or higher)
  • iPhone, iPod, and iPad users (10.3 or higher)
  • Android users (6.0 and higher)
  • Kindle Fire users
  • Ubuntu users (9.04 and newer)


For more information regarding AirPennNet-Device, please reference ISC's article

To see what devices may require AirPennNet-Device, please reference Connectivity Options.

Troubleshooting Wireless Issues

Wireless Coverage at Penn

For more information on AirPennNet, please visit the Penn Computing website or if you have any questions email support@wharton.upenn.edu.

Eduroam at Penn

Eduroam is a wireless network shared by multiple universities so that, when traveling, you can have easy and free access to the internet. Please keep in mind that for the best experience, please setup Eduroam at your home university.

Questions about Eduroam?

Contact: Help @ ISC

Email: help@isc.upenn.edu

Website: https://www.isc.upenn.edu/how-to/using-wireless-penn