All about Canvas Groups (Students)

Some instructors require that course work be completed by groups of students working together. Canvas groups can make this easier. This article describes how to join and use Canvas groups.

Before You Start 

You must be a member of a course site in which the instructor has chosen to use groups. 

Joining or Leaving a Group

To join a group:

  1. Go to People.
  2. Select the group tab (at the top of the page).
  3.  Browse through the list of groups until you find the group you are interested in:
    • Click Join to join a group.
    • Leave a group by selecting Leave
    • Switch to a different group  by selecting Switch To.

Note: Some instructors choose to assign students to groups themselves; this decision is made only by instructors and not by the Courseware team.

Group Assignments

Groups are sometimes linked to assignments so that when one student submits the assignment, all group members will be able to see the submission and will receive the same grade and any comments the instructor chooses to make. Some instructors may nevertheless choose to grade submissions individually; these decisions are made only by the instructors and not by the Courseware team.

Group Appointments

Groups are sometimes linked to appointments so that when one student makes an appointment, that appointment applies to every member of the group. The instructor decides which appointments are available to groups.

Group Sub-Sites

Groups have their own "sub-sites" that contain Files, Discussions, Announcements, and a few other Canvas features. This sub-site is accessible only by group members and by the teaching team. Materials meant for all members of a course site should not be placed in one of these sub-sites.

Note: Do not use group "Files" to submit assignments online. Your instructor will not be notified that you have done so, and you may not receive credit.

Group Leaders

Sometimes instructors will designate one member of a group as the group leader. That person can change the group name, add or remove members, and perform other functions.