For up-to-date information on available technology resources during the Coronavirus pandemic, see our Computing Availability During COVID-19 article.

Print From Your Laptop to Wharton Printers

Due to on-campus restrictions, please see Public Computing Availability During COVID-19 for the most current information.

Anyone with a Wharton printing account can configure their laptop to print to the Wharton printers.  Printing via mobile devices is also available using email – see our article on Email Printing.

Before You Start 

You will need one or more of the following before you can complete this task: 

  • A personal computer running either Windows or MacOS
  • Internet access
  • PennKey credentials

Configure your laptop to print to the Wharton printers by doing the following:

Windows Laptops

These laptop configuration steps are supported for the most recent Windows versions.


These laptop configuration steps are supported for recent Mac versions.

Printing to the B&W queue does not guarantee your job will be printed in B&W. To ensure your documents print properly, please check your print job settings before sending them to the printer.

For information on how to print in Black and White, please visit the Public Printing Troubleshooting page and look under the Formatting section for the appropriate OS (Windows or Mac)