Inviting a Guest Speaker to a Virtual Meeting

These directions work whether you're creating a new Virtual Meeting in Canvas or editing a pre-existing meeting on the Virtual Meeting tab of a Canvas Site. 

Keep in mind that only the meeting owner can edit a meeting.

Inviting a Guest to a Virtual Meeting Scheduled within Canvas

Lots of classes feature guest speakers. It is easy to get your Virtual Meeting information to your guest speaker so they can join your class from their location.

If you scheduled your Virtual Meeting using Canvas, you have two options: sharing a link or adding the guest speaker to the meeting. We recommend sharing a link, but either method will work.

Share a link to the Virtual Meeting

We recommend you share the link to your class Virtual Meeting via email with any guest speaker you're interested in having in your class:

Invite a Guest from within Canvas

You can also use Canvas to invite your guest speaker. Following the below instructions will trigger a BlueJeans email to be sent to your guest:

Inviting a Guest to a Virtual Meeting

You can also gather the information needed to invite your guest speaker to your Virtual Meetings scheduled via