Inviting a Guest Speaker to a Video Conference

These directions work whether you're creating a new Virtual Meeting in Canvas or editing a pre-existing meeting on the Virtual Meeting tab of a Canvas Site. 

Keep in mind that only the meeting owner can edit a meeting.

Inviting a Guest to a Virtual Meeting Scheduled within Canvas

It is easy to share your Virtual Meeting information with a guest speaker.

If you scheduled your Virtual Meeting using Canvas, you have two options: 

  • Sharing a link to the Virtual Meeting.
  • Adding the guest speaker to the meeting. 

We recommend sharing a link via email, but either method will work.

Share a link to the Virtual Meeting from Canvas

To share the link to your class Virtual Meeting via email with a guest speaker:

Invite a Guest from within Canvas

You can also use Canvas to invite a guest speaker to your Virtual Meeting. Following the below instructions will cause BlueJeans to send an email your guest with the Virtual Meeting details:

Inviting a Guest  via

You can also gather the information needed to invite your guest speaker to your Virtual Meetings scheduled via