Classroom Updates (Faculty)

Classroom enhancements to improve logon speeds, performance issues encountered during Powerpoint usage, and video playback are coming this Summer.  Other back-end adjustments will be made to help with these and other common issues you may face while working with classroom technology.

In addition, we are launching a new attendance-taking app, aPlus+.

Key Points:

  • Make sure you store resources you plan to access during class in cloud-based resources (such as OneDrive, Dropbox, PennBox, Google Drive), or a USB drive, whenever possible.
    • Previews are available with Wharton Computing: schedule them starting July 22, 2024.
  • If you take attendance using our application, it will change to aPlus+
  • Changes are being rolled out by August 27, 2024.

The updates will include changes to the following services:

Network Shares

Your network shares will no longer be automatically available when you first log into the classroom computer. We strongly recommend storing your presentations and other files in a cloud service (OneDrive, Dropbox, PennBox, Google Drive) or a USB drive that you bring to class. Once you log into the classroom computer, you’ll see shortcuts to these cloud services on the desktop, so you can easily launch the right one(s) for you.

If cloud services are not an option for you, we can help you map your share manually. Once you map the share, the change persists for the semester, but only in that classroom and only until the computer is rebuilt or replaced. 

Be sure to read our Connecting to the Network Drive article for more information about mapping your network shares. If you need assistance mapping your shares, a Wharton Computing representative will be able to assist you during class starts.

Recommended file storage solutions

  • Dropbox Wharton
  • Google Drive (Wharton) 
  • OneDrive
  • PennBox
  • USB Thumb Drive
  • Canvas (Instructor Folder)


You will now be able to set your PowerPoint settings once at the beginning of the semester, and they will be retained in that classroom throughout the semester (you’ll need to reset it for each separate classroom you use). 

For any questions regarding your Powerpoint preferences, please contact your Wharton Computing representative.

Audio Settings

 The variations in audio quality will be addressed; audio will function consistently regardless of whether you are using streaming services or downloading your video content to the classroom computer.

New Attendance App aPlus+

The current process and tools to manage Attendance-taking, Video requests, and Absence requests, are changing and will affect your in-class attendance workflow. 

aPlus+ Attendance is replacing our homegrown Attendance App. In pilots over this past year with Wharton MBA and undergraduate courses, we have confirmed that this tool more closely meets Wharton’s attendance needs. 

aPlus+ Attendance provides the following benefits:

  • Rolling Code Check-in: Makes it extremely difficult to check in from outside the classroom by allowing you to project a code from your Canvas site during class. A frequently requested feature!
  • Direct Attendance Management: Allows you to manage the attendance schedule, update records, and access reporting tools from your course’s aPlus+ Attendance tab.
  • Easier Reporting: Enables you to analyze attendance data from one tab and access via multiple views (e.g. number of absences per student, type of absences, and many more options).
  • Integration with Canvas Gradebook: Include an aggregated attendance score automatically in your gradebook based on your attendance policies.
  • No More Absence Notifications: Provides a single place for students and faculty to review their attendance records. Instead of reviewing an email, you can review the record itself and make changes, such as updates to absence requests. 

If you are planning to take attendance in your classes, we urge you to attend a training workshop (multiple dates will be available) and make use of at least one of the following options:

  • Demo training. Join us for aPlus+ demos, for core and non-core classes, later this month. Dates will be announced via email to all faculty within the next week.
  •  Canvas Demo Site: sign up and explore aPlus+ at your convenience.


For any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to your Wharton Computing representative.