Wharton Attendance, Absence, and Video Requests Module (For Instructors)

The Wharton Attendance, Absence and Video Requests Module helps you manage attendance in your classes by allowing students to:

  • check into your class for attendance, so you don't have to take attendance manually.
  • request an excused absence for specific dates.
  • request access to a class video for specific dates.

You can use this module to report on attendance, approve (or deny) absence requests and manage video requests either individually or all at once. Each feature can be enabled or disabled for your classes, on a per section basis.  

The module is available for instructors through Instruction Center, and students access it through Canvas (see the Student View in Canvas section below). To get started, please contact the Wharton Computing App Support Team.

Before You Start 

All of these modules are customizable by the instructor, and can be enabled independently of each other.

Course Check-In 

Course Check-In allows students to check in to class so you don't have to take attendance manually. They can check in using either the Canvas Student app (IOS/Android) or the Canvas website.  Key things to keep in mind about Check-In are:

  • Check-In opens ten minutes before class and closes at the end of the class.
  • Students who check in late or who don't check in at all will be marked absent. (See Absence Excuse Requests for more information on absences.)
  • If you are taking attendance manually through the Instruction Center, you can still use this app to allow absence excuses.

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Absence Excuse Requests

Absence Excuse Requests allows students to submit excuses when they have been marked absent or for future dates they know they are going to miss. Students submit their requests through Canvas and the instructor can excuse or deny these requests through Instruction Center. Students will receive an email at the end of the day with a report of any updates to their absence requests.

Key things to keep in mind about Absence Excuse Requests are:

  • Students only have two weeks past the class meeting date to submit excuses.
  • Students can submit absence excuses in advance if they know they are going to miss a class (or a number of classes).
  • If a student is marked absent from one or more classes during the day, they will receive an email that evening with the details of those absences and a link to submit an excuse for that absence.
  • Students automatically get (customizable) emails letting them know about their absences, and instructors get an emailed report of absences.
  • Absences for Personal Illness, Personal/Family Emergency, and Religious Observance are automatically excused. A fourth option, “Other”, allows a student to enter a reason and is automatically set to "unexcused".

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Video Access Requests

This feature allows students to use Canvas to submit video access requests for classes they have missed. The instructor can approve or deny that access using Instruction Center. Key things to keep in mind about Video Access Requests are:

  • Students are only able to submit requests for the past 2 weeks of class meetings. 
  • Students are able to submit requests for future class dates if they know they are going to miss a class or a period of classes.
  • Video Requests are not approved automatically.  Instructors will need to approve them manually.  
  • Instructors will get a summary email at the end of each day with a listing of all video access requests that have been submitted and their current status.  
  • Academic Computing Services (ACS) representatives that are handling the actual access in Canvas to the videos will receive an email at the end of the day summarizing the requests that have been approved.

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Reports are available in Instruction Center for reporting on absence/excuse and video request data.

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Student View in Canvas

Students can manage their attendance and video requests from within Canvas course sites. There are two resources for students that you may want to share with them as appropriate.



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