Penn+Box is a cloud-based collaboration service providing up to 1 TB of storage per user for securely managing and sharing files and folders within the Penn community and externally.  Penn+Box ensures that University data and intellectual property are securely protected. For more information on the service, see ISC's information page on Penn+Box.

Your default e-mail address for Penn Box is (not This can cause confusion when working with colleagues, as folders shared to your Wharton e-mail address will not appear in Box unless your Wharton e-mail address is listed in your Box profile.  To fix this, you must add your Wharton e-mail address as an additional e-mail address in Box's settings (see the next section for instructions).

Adding your Wharton E-mail Address to Penn+Box

Before You Start 

Be sure that you're able to log into Penn Box using SSO (your PennKey and password), and that you have access to your Wharton e-mail to confirm its addition to Box. If you're unable to, please contact your technical support representative listed at the bottom of this article.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log into Penn Box by navigating to the Penn Box site and clicking Continue. You will need to log in with your PennKey and its password, and in some cases use two-factor authentication as well.A browser window prompting the user to continue to log into Box with their PennKey and password.
    Click Continue to navigate to the PennKey login page.
  2. Click your initials in the top-right corner, and click Account Settings.A browser window listing the account options for the user. The center of the window is blurred to hide personal information.
    Your initials (or profile picture) are in the upper-right hand corner; click them to see advanced options for Box.
  3. Under Login and Email Addresses, click Link Email.A Lightbox window prompting the user to enter their e-mail address, and then click Save.
    You can add multiple e-mail addresses if your collaborators are contacting you using different e-mail addresses.
  4. Enter your Wharton e-mail in the Email Address field that appears (be sure it ends in New Email Address box, Save Button in lower right corner of application.
    This window appears as a lightbox; simply click Save when done.
  5. Open your email and check for a message from Box to verify your e-mail address. Click the Verify Email button in the e-mail.An e-mail displayed in Outlook for Mac in Dark Mode, asking the user to verify their Wharton e-mail address for Box. The link is outlined in a red box.
    Your view of this e-mail may look slightly different dependent on your image view settings and e-mail client.
  6. This will open a new browser window that will verify your Wharton e-mail address. Click Continue to Your Account to re-open Box.A browser window displayed after clicking the e-mail link in the previous step, which allows the user to continue to their Penn Box account.
    Your e-mail address is verified at this point, and you can close your other Penn Box tab/window.
  7. Navigate back to Account Settings (see Step 2).
  8. Verify your e-mail address is listed in the Login and Email Addresses section.The Account Settings window in Penn Box, now updated with the Wharton e-mail address outlined in a red box.
    If you see your e-mail listed here, you're all set - feel free to check if a folder shared with you is now listed.

Note: You do not have to make your Wharton e-mail address the primary address on the account. Feel free to leave the default settings. Do not remove your address, however.


You can review the Penn+Box FAQ on the University's website, or contact your IT representative: