Google Security & Privacy Checkups

The Google Security & Privacy checkups provide a quick and effective way to ensure that your Google account is secure and private. These checklists can be used on any Google account, whether it is personal or school-provided.

Google Security Checkup

Blue lock icon with green check mark.

Google Privacy Checkup

Blue shield with check list icon,

 Access requirements: Must have an active Google account.


Google Security Checkup

Google's Security Checkup is a great way to ensure that your account is secure and isn't being accessed by anyone but you. It can also help highlight security flaws on your account that may be easily missed.

  • Manage apps with access to your account
  • Review signed-in devices
  • Review recent security events
    • i.e. New Sign-ins, App Password creation & deletion, etc.
  • Enable Two-Step Verification

Google Privacy Checkup

Google's Privacy Checkup allows you to personalize which types of data Google collects as well as allowing you to manage the visibility of your account.  

  • Review activity controls
    • Web & App activity
    • Device Information
    • Voice & Audio activity
  • Edit publicly-available information about your account
  • Manage Tailored Ads


Faculty & PhD Students:  Academic Distributed Representatives

Staff: Administrative Support

Students: Wharton Computing Student Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I no longer use an app (i.e. G Suite Sync for Outlook) and want to remove its access to my Google Account. How can I do this?

A: The first step of the Google Security Checkup allows you to review and manage any apps that have been granted access to your account.

Q: Are security & privacy checks available for my personal devices as well?

A:  If you are a student, yes! Simply drop by the Tech Center at SHDH-114 and ask to participate in a Device Tune-up & Security Session. If you are faculty or staff, please contact your Academic Distributed Representative or Administrative support, respectively.

Q: What if I notice a device or location that isn't mine has accessed my account?

A:  Reset your Google account password as soon as possible, as well as any other passwords that may be the same or similar. Contact your IT support team if you have additional questions (see Questions? above).