Clear Your Cache and Cookies

Often, problems logging into sites can be resolved by clearing your web browser's cache or cookies. Browsers set these to make the browsing experience simpler or more customized, but they can get in the way in certain cases.   Clearing the cache and/or cookies can solve a lot of browser-related issues, such as problems loading pages, site error messages, or occasionally the speed at which a site functions. It's also a possible solution for issues logging into sites or services where the credentials are correct, but logins don't work.

Clearing Your Browser's Cookies

Your browser will have instructions on how to clear the cache (sometimes called "history") and cookies. Here are directions for a few of the most common browsers.

Common Errors that Require Clearing Cache/Cookies

Bad Request

When attempting to sign into a website or service that requires your PennKey credentials, you may encounter an error that says there was a bad request by your browser. 

This error can appear in two forms:

If you encounter this error, clearing your browser's cookies may resolve the issue.


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