BlueJeans vs. Zoom Meetings

Wharton offers two supported video conferencing tools for holding meetings and classes at the School:

Both products offer a range of native applications (BlueJeans apps, Zoom apps) and similar functionality. Similar, but not identical. The chart below compares BlueJeans features to Zoom features in an effort to help you decide on which will best meet your needs.



Log in Method



Who has an account?

All faculty, staff, and students

* Your account must be activated.

All faculty, staff, and students

* Your account must be activated.

Max Meeting Attendees



Max Meeting Length


 24 hours

Gallery View  

25 + Your Video Preview
50 (including your video preview) if you meet the hardware requirements
Hand Raising
Yes, learn more.
Yes, in addition to other kinds of “non-verbal” feedback.


✓ - Whiteboard contents can be saved.
No integrated polling. PollEverywhere can be used (see this article for some ideas about polling).
✓ - Details about Zoom Polling

Meeting Waiting Room

Limited - By default meetings won't start until the moderator joins.
✓ - Documentation

Canvas Integration


Breakout Rooms

Up to 20 Random or pre-assigned breakout sessions can be created.
50 breakout sessions, pre-assigned or random, can be created. More about the participant experience here.
Concurrent Meetings from a single account
No limit, but BlueJeans  recommends no more than 50.
Only 1 meeting per host can be in session at a time.

Closed Captioning

Automatic Closed Captions can be added to meetings.

Someone in the meeting can be assigned to type in closed captions, or a 3rd party service can be used.
AccessibilitySee BlueJeans' documentation here.See Zoom's documentation here.

Login from multiple devices

You can be logged into BlueJeans from multiple computers, tablets, and mobile devices at once.
You can be logged into Zoom from one computer, one phone, and one tablet at a time. Logging into additional devices will log you out of others.
Meeting Reports

Mobile Apps

iOS and Android

iOS and Android

FERPA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant 

Delegate Scheduling


Zoom Add-ons

In addition to the standard suite of feature Zoom offers a number of “add-ons” that can be purchased separately and applied to individual accounts. These include:

  • Large Meeting Capacity (up to 1000)

  • Webinars (up to 3000)

    • Zoom Webinars are the equivalent of BlueJeans Events.

If you’re interested in any of the above add-ons please reach out to your Wharton Computing representative.