Virtual Meetings - Benefits of BlueJeans

The Virtual Meetings service, the officially supported Wharton conferencing solution, is powered by BlueJeans and allows up to 200 people to participate in a meeting. Some may wonder why BlueJeans was selected over the many other video/audio conferencing solutions out there.

Given the mission critical nature of conferencing this choice wasn't taken lightly. After an extensive review of the market leading providers, our team selected BlueJeans for a number of reasons, including:

  • Stability - Bluejeans’ self-reported and 3rd party assessed uptime and availability numbers continue to outperform the competition. When it comes to the opportunity cost of class time, this is a primary decision driver. 
  • Security - BlueJeans comes with greater security and has the benefit of a Business Associate Agreement with Penn which allows it to be used for FERPA and HIPAA protected conversations.
  • Support - Our enterprise agreement with Bluejeans gives us access to premium support, premium dial in numbers and guaranteed service levels. Our license also has no restrictions on the length of time, the length or number or retention of recordings.
  • Seamless Integration - Bluejeans integrates into Canvas and will provide a more seamless learning experience in connecting authenticated students with lectures, team meetings, recitations, and office hours.

We understand that some of you have heard about other video conferencing solutions (such as Zoom, WebEx, GotoMeeting, Google Hangouts, and more) and have asked whether they can be used in class as well. While you are free to use any tool you would like to aid in your instruction, during this period of operational change Wharton Computing is limiting its support to BlueJeans in order to provide the optimal learning experience for everyone at the school. 

We reassess our technology choices at regular intervals, keeping all the needs of the School in mind.