Updated Articles

  1. Copying from one Canvas site to another

    Copy content from one Canvas site to another
  2. AWS Best Practices

    AWS support, billing, and authentication
  3. Send as your Alumni Forwarding Address (Students)

    This article provides instructions on how to send as your Alumni Forwarding Address from either your Wharton Gmail account or your personal Gmail account. This option is frequently requested by students and alumni who want to share their Wharton Alu...
  4. In-Person to Remote Instruction

    Moving from in-person teaching to remote instruction is challenging – the vast array of digital tools may seem overwhelming! Advance preparation for teaching online is key – as is setting reasonable expectations for yourself and studen...
  5. Guide to Phishing and Spam

    This article explains the differences between phishing attempts (email messages that try to steal private information) and spam  (unwanted, mass email messages). It also details what to do if a Wharton account has been compromised. If you have...
  6. Instruction Center

    Instruction Center is Wharton's application for faculty management of courses and their overall classroom experience.  It includes a range of tools to assist with instruction, which are described in greater detail below. Before You Sta...
  7. Display and Screen Resolutions in Classrooms and Conference Rooms

    Wharton Classroom Screen Resolution Settings
  8. Retrieve Complete Headers from an Email

    How to retrieve Complete Headers from an Email
  9. Using web browsers with Learning Tools

    How to change Safari settings to allow Penn and Wharton learning tools to work inside Canvas
  10. Clear Your Cache and Cookies

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