Working with Canvas


Access and course sites
A quick overview of logging in to Canvas, finding your course sites, and adjusting notifications.
All about Canvas groups (for students)
How to join and use Canvas groups.
Assignments and quizzes
Information on submitting assignments on Canvas.
Calendar and appointments
Information on signing up meals or appointments in the Canvas Calendar.
Class Recordings
Before You Start   Membership in a Canvas site in which an instructor has provided videos Log in to Panopto To view videos in a Canvas site, log in to Panopto with your Pennkey, using the Class Recordings in the course navigation ...
Files, folders and Study.Net
Information on using files and Study.Net in Canvas.
Submitting Videos on Canvas
How to submit video assignments in Canvas.
Viewing Class Recordings in Canvas
Before you start   You must be enrolled in a Canvas course site that is set up to distribute class recordings. $(function(){ /* Add links to top of page */ $('.hg-article-body h2').not(':eq(0)').not(":empty").before(" Top "); ...
Managing Notifications in Canvas
A quick overview of setting notifications and recommended settings in Canvas