Updated Articles

  1. Ed Discussion for Faculty

    As of May 2022, Ed Discussion is available to all Penn faculty, staff, and students. A Canvas integration is available for all courses taught through Penn Canvas ; in 2023, a chat feature has been introduced and can be added to a course already ...
  2. Two-Step: Best Practices & FAQ (Students)

    Two-Step Verification can be a complex service to set up and manage, especially as you begin to enable it for your various accounts. Below are listed some best practices as well as some frequently asked questions regarding the service. Enr...
  3. Two-Step: Methods of Verification

    There are many different ways to verify your identity using two-step verification - choose the one that's right for you! Your options may vary from service to service. Faculty, Staff, and PhD Students Contact your IT Support Representative...
  4. Administering and Troubleshooting Online Exams

    A concise How-To guide that helps Faculty set-up, administer, and troubleshoot online exams.
  5. Forward Your Wharton Gmail to a Personal Mail Inbox (Students)

    Setting up forwarding or unforwarding from Wharton email to a personal email.
  6. Wharton Gmail Overview (Students)

    Google@Wharton – our name for the suite of customized Google-based email and collaboration tools – provides Wharton students with key communication tools. To get the best user experience with your Google account, it is recommended that y...
  7. Two-Step Verification: Start Here

    Two-Step Verification provides an added layer of protection for your online accounts. After you log in with your username and password, you'll be prompted to verify your identity – the second step – using a device in your possession,...
  8. Two-Step Verification (Google Accounts)

    The following article will outline the process of setting up Two-Step Verification for a Google account. Two-Step Verification is required for all Google@Wharton accounts that do not use PennKey authentication, and is heavily recommended for persona...
  9. Adding users to a Canvas site

    Adding users to a Canvas Site
  10. Two-Step Verification (PennKey Accounts)

    Information on two-step verification to increase your account security.