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Creating peer evaluations using FeedbackFruits
Making peer evaluations or group member evaluations using FeedbackFruits within Canvas
Study.Net Materials: Faculty Requests
Study.Net Materials in Canvas is where we distribute “course packs” of externally-copyrighted licensed content from key suppliers, such as Harvard Business Publishing, requested by faculty.  When specific readings are also availab...
Using Safari with learning tools
This article describes how to make Safari work with Canvas learning tools. Privacy and Learning Tools Learning tools approved at Wharton or Penn for use inside a Canvas site have been reviewed for compliance with the University's privacy gui...
Wharton Attendance, Absence, and Video Requests (For Instructors)
The Wharton Attendance and Video Requests app helps you manage attendance in your classes by allowing students to: Check into your class for attendance, so you don't have to take attendance manually. Request an excused absence for specific da...