Updated Articles

  1. Preparing to Take an Online Exam

    Taking an online exam can be convenient and can make answering certain types of questions easier, but it adds some preparation work. We've compiled some recommendations for you to make sure technology doesn't get in the way!  It may fe...
  2. Respondus LockDown Browser for Personal Devices (Students)

    Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that prevents cheating during in-class proctored quizzes and exams.
  3. Wharton Attendance, Absence, and Video Requests (For Students)

    The Wharton Attendance & Video Request app in Canvas allows you to do three things for classes in which the app has been enabled: Check into your class for attendance. Submit  an absence excuse request for specific dates. Submit&n...
  4. Wharton Attendance, Absence, and Video Requests (For Students)

    Attendance, Video and Absence Requests Applications help Wharton students check-in to classes and manage their absences by requesting excused absences and class recordings. Learn how.
  5. All About Files and Folders

    Canvas Files and Folders
  6. Linking to Articles and Files

    Linking to Articles and Files
  7. Renting Computers or Video Equipment (Students)

    How Wharton Computing students can rent laptops and other technology.
  8. MyWharton Guide

    About MyWharton MyWharton (my.wharton.upenn.edu) provides a central location for all of the information students need and makes it available on any device. It has been designed from the ground up with student input and in partnership with staff...
  9. Technology Support Options (Students)

    The following article outlines the various forms of IT support available to students. If you are faculty  or staff (login required), please contact your Wharton Computing representative. Wharton Student Computing Wharton Computing sup...
  10. Copying from one Canvas site to another

    Copy content from one Canvas site to another