Updated Articles

  1. Wharton Attendance, Absence, and Video Requests (For Students)

    The Wharton Attendance & Video Request app in Canvas allows you to do three things for classes in which the app has been enabled: Check into your class for attendance. Submit  an absence excuse request for specific dates. Submit&n...
  2. Creating an Adobe ID

    All Adobe professional applications now require that you sign-in with an Adobe ID. This will affect: Adobe Acrobat Pro Adobe Creative Cloud (i.e. Photoshop, Premiere, etc.) This article guides you through the process of creating an Adobe ID, wh...
  3. PennFlex Phone

    PennFlex Phone is the next generation phone system now in use at Penn. Most Wharton faculty and staff are eligible for a PennFlex phone account (depending on your department's phone policy.) PennFlex Phone benefits include: A mobile applicat...
  4. Delivering online exams (in-person)

    Prepare an Online Exams
  5. All About Assignments

  6. Exam accommodations

    This article describes how to use Canvas to grant students additional time and extended availability windows for exams, which, in Canvas, are called quizzes .  If a student in your course has an approved accommodation from Student Disabiliti...
  7. Wharton VPN

    Using the Wharton VPN
  8. Wharton VPN

    The Wharton VPN  gives faculty and staff access to secured Wharton resources from off campus; the Wharton Virtual Lab client allows students to use the public computers from off campus. Before You Start   You will need: To be eithe...
  9. Renting and Borrowing Computers and Video Equipment (Students)

    How Wharton Computing students can rent laptops and other technology.
  10. JMP Access and Troubleshooting Guide (Students)

    JMP is available for Wharton students to install on their laptops.  It is available through the Files or Modules sections on Canvas for any class that requires the use of JMP.  This article provides basic instructions on how to access ...