Email Management & Configuration


Alumni Forwarding Address
How the Alumni Forwarding Email Address works.
Managing your Google@Wharton Gmail Account (Students)
This article will provide instructions on how to change the way your name appears when you send email from your Wharton Gmail.
Forward Your Wharton Gmail to a Personal Mail Inbox (Students)
Setting up forwarding or unforwarding from Wharton email to a personal email.
Send as your Wharton Short Address from your Personal Gmail (Students)
This article will provide instructions on how to send as your Wharton Gmail short address ( from your personal Gmail account. Before You Start   You will need the following before you can complete this task:  ...
Send as your Alumni Forwarding Address (Students)
This article provides instructions on how to send as your Alumni Forwarding Address from either your Wharton Gmail account or your personal Gmail account. This option is frequently requested by students and alumni who want to share their Wharton Alu...
Setting Up an Out-of-Office/Vacation Message in Gmail
Out-of-office or vacation messages are a great way to let people know you may be delayed in getting back to them, or that your email address is changing. Google offers a service for Gmail users that allows for automatic out-of-office replies. Wharto...
Retrieve Complete Headers from an Email
How to retrieve Complete Headers from an Email
Set Your Primary Email Address in Penn Directory
Many software services at Penn rely on an email address for identifying you.  For this reason, you will need to choose a primary address and and enter it in the Penn Directory. Before You Start   You will need one or more of the follow...
Back Up Wharton Account Data using Google Takeout (Students)
Google Takeout is an archiving service that allows you to export data from your Google@Wharton account to a zip file that you can store on your computer or to a cloud service.
Transfer/Backup Wharton Email to a Personal Account (Students)
Find out how to move emails from your Google@Wharton account to a personal account using various services. Most students prefer to start this process shortly before or shortly following graduation.
Export & Transfer Messages from Mail on Mac (Students)
This article is for students who are already viewing their Wharton email in Mail on Mac or Outlook and want to create a backup of their data. For more information on backing up or transferring your Wharton Gmail account data, please see our Transf...
Configuring Outlook for Gmail (Students)
How to setup Wharton Gmail accounts with Outlook using G Suite Sync.
MacMail for Google@Wharton (Students)
How to configure your Google@Wharton Email account in Mac Mail.
Accessing a Wharton Group Email Account (Students)
This article provides instructions on how to access a group account on Wharton email systems for students. Before You Start   You might need one or more of the following before you can complete this task:  Google@Wharton account Req...
Mailing Lists: Overview
Wharton runs a mailing list system that provides mailing lists for courses, clubs and organizations related to students' academic and extracurricular pursuits. Mailing lists can be open to anyone, or restricted to just the organization
Spam Filtering Overview
About 50% of all email messages sent globally are spam. Email providers – including both Microsoft and Google – spend a lot of time, effort, and money making sure that most of that spam doesn't end up in your inbox (and that legiti...
Guide to Phishing and Spam
This article explains the differences between phishing attempts (email messages that try to steal private information) and spam  (unwanted, mass email messages). It also details what to do if a Wharton account has been compromised. If you have...
Cohort and Class Lists
This article details how cohort, course and class lists work at Wharton, and how to use them. For information on individual and group mailing lists, see Mailing Lists: Overview. Before you start: You may need one or more of the following bef...
Add/Remove O365 on Mobile
These directions describe how to add or remove the O365 account from your iPhone's built-in mail and calendaring applications. The Android instructions only cover how to configure the Outlook mobile app. If you prefer to install the Microsof...
Common Problems When Forwarding Email
Forwarded Email May Bounce or be Deferred We have seen occasional increases in bounced (i.e., messages not delivered with a note to the sender) or deferred (delayed but delivered) messages sent to Wharton/Penn addresses forwarded to a personal addr...
Mailing Lists: Approving Messages for Moderated Lists (For Students)
This article describes how to approve messages for Wharton's mailing list system for moderated mailing lists.  For information on the official mailing lists for Cohort and Student Class lists, see Cohort and Class Lists . Before you ...