Adding users to a Canvas site

This article describes how to provide Canvas users, like TAs and auditors, with membership in your Canvas course site, which they access through PennKey

Do not add students manually to any Canvas course site; this will cause difficulty for the university registrar and within the course site itself. The Courseware team will automate this during the site-creation process.

Adding/Removing a User in a Canvas Site

  1. Select People in the course navigation on the left.
  2. Click +People. *
  3. For Add user(s) by, select PennKey. (If you are instead prompted for Login ID, you can still enter the Pennkey.)
  4. Enter the PennKey. To add multiple users (with the same role and in the same section) enter one PennKey per line.
  5. Select the correct role:
    • TA for a grader or teaching assistant 
    • Limited TA for a teaching assistant who does not grade
    • Designer for a faculty colleague or administrative assistant
    • Observer for auditors or anyone else not expected to grade or submit coursework. (Auditors should never be assigned a student role.)
  6. Select the correct section. TAs added to a single section will still have rights to the entire site. (Contact Courseware if you need to restrict a TA in to a single section.)
  7. Click Next. Contact Courseware for help if Canvas reports it cannot find the user.
  8. Click Add Users.

You can remove a user who was manually added to a course site, but not users who were added automatically.

*If +People is disabled, the course site is concluded and only Courseware can add users.