Virus & Security


Wharton Computing - Security Guidelines
Wharton accounts security & privacy guidelines.
Antivirus Software: How To Protect Yourself Against Viruses
How to protect your computer from viruses and malware.
Virus Removal Procedure
How to remove a virus from your personal computer.
Firewalls: What They Are & Why Use Them
How to enable a Firewall on your device.
Threat Protection/Antivirus Software at Wharton
The University of Pennsylvania offers threat protection and antivirus software solutions for faculty, staff, and students. For computers managed by Wharton Computing (typically faculty, staff, and the public computers in labs, classrooms, and ...
LastPass: Managing Passwords (and more) at Penn
To help you keep track of your passwords, the University of Pennsylvania has partnered with LastPass to make this password management software available to all members of the Penn community. Before You Start You'll need the following to use...
Google Login Challenge: How, When, and Why
This article provides guidance regarding Google's Login Challenges. More specifically, it is designed to describe when they appear, why they appear, and what you can do about it. Account security is of utmost concern for both Google and Wharton...
Google Security & Privacy Checkups
The Google Security & Privacy checkups provide a quick and effective way to ensure that your Google account is secure and private. These checklists can be used on any Google account, whether it is personal or school-provided. Goo...