Updated Articles

  1. Creating peer evaluations using FeedbackFruits Updated

    Making peer evaluations or group member evaluations using FeedbackFruits within Canvas
  2.  Submitting an Event in CampusGroups (Officers Only)

    How to submit an event in CampusGroups calendar (for officers)
  3. Send as your Wharton Short Address from your Personal Gmail (Students)

    This article will provide instructions on how to send as your Wharton Gmail short address (PennKey@wharton.upenn.edu) from your personal Gmail account. Before You Start   You will need the following before you can complete this task: ...
  4. Adding users to a Canvas site

    Adding users to a Canvas Site
  5. JMP Access and Troubleshooting Guide (Students)

    JMP is available for students to install on their computers for any Wharton class that requires the use of JMP.  This article provides basic instructions on how to download, install, and access JMP. Access JMP from Canvas: If JMP is not v...
  6. Connecting to the Network Drive: Faculty and Staff

    Connect to a network drive for faculty and staff.
  7. Whartonization Guide: Start Here

    Follow the instructions below to set up your laptops and mobiles devices to assist you as a student in the Wharton environment. If you have any questions, or prefer in-person help, email our Student Support team at support@wharton.upenn.edu . ...
  8. Microsoft 365 University

    Penn offers Microsoft 365 to all current full-time members of Wharton. This includes access to: Word Online, Excel Online, Powerpoint Online, OneDrive, Mail (Faculty & Staff only), and more! You can also download and install the M365 version of ...
  9. Undergraduate MyWharton Features Overview

    An overview of the MyWharton interface for UGR students and staff.
  10. Understanding Your Accounts (Students)

    Understanding your student accounts at Wharton.