Apps and Learning Tools

Information about learning tools which work with, or appear inside, many Canvas sites at Wharton and Penn


Canvas Student Mobile Apps
Configuring and using canvas apps on mobile devices.
Using web browsers with Learning Tools
How to change Safari settings to allow Penn and Wharton learning tools to work inside Canvas
Respondus LockDown Browser for Personal Devices (Students)
Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that prevents cheating during in-class proctored quizzes and exams.
Wharton Attendance, Absence, and Video Requests (For Students)
Attendance, Video and Absence Requests Applications help Wharton students check-in to classes and manage their absences by requesting excused absences and class recordings. Learn how.
Accessing NameCoach in Canvas (Students)
NameCoach is a recording tool in Canvas that provides faculty and students with a simple and effective solution to identify pronouns, phonetically pronounce names, and hear how others’ names should be pronounced. Once a user updates their NameCoach ...
Ed Discussion for Students
As of May 2022, Ed Discussion is available to all Penn faculty, staff, and students. A Canvas integration is available for all courses taught through Penn Canvas . Ed Discussion is an asynchronous discussion tool that provides a platform for stu...
Getting started with aPlus+ in Canvas (Students)
aPlus+ is an attendance-tracking tool that is integrated with Canvas through a third-party application. It simplifies attendance processes for teaching teams and helps ensure that students receive due credit for attending class.  Students also ben...