New gradebook (effective August 2019)

This article covers some of the updated features of Canvas's new gradebook, which became effective August 2019.

Before You Start 

You'll need a Canvas course site that contains graded assignments.

The New Gradebook in Canvas gives instructors new capabilities to release grades for a course, set a late policy for a course, arrange and filter elements in new ways, and more. This change is now active across all of the Penn Canvas instances (except for the Law School, which doesn't use the Gradebook).

Posting grades under a Manual policy (grades hidden by default)

In the New Gradebook, normally a course-wide policy is set to hide all grades and feedback automatically for later release to students all at once. To release grades or comments, you post them. These policies and actions replace, and improve upon, the Mute Assignment and Unmute Assignment settings in the previous edition of the Canvas gradebook.

Changing to an Automatic posting policy (grades not hidden by default)

If you would prefer that your grades and feedback appear automatically in the New Gradebook, as they did in the old gradebook, you can change the posting policy.

Exporting and importing

The ability to export and import the new gradebook is now found under a new "Actions" menu. 

Setting a late policy

You can now apply automatic grading rules to missing and late submissions.

Arranging, sorting, and filtering

You now have the ability to arrange, sort, and filter your gradebook in new ways. Power users will appreciate the new ways to filter rows and columns, such as by team or group.