Using Bitdefender with Learning Tools

This article describes how to adjust Bitdefender settings so you can use Canvas learning tools.

Penn Learning Tools and Security

Learning tools approved at Wharton or Penn for use inside a Canvas site have been reviewed for compliance with the University's information security guidelines. These tools will never contain malware or viruses and will only track your usage while working with that specific tool.  However, Bitdefender antivirus sometimes blocks learning tools as third-party threats, so you may need to authorize specific learning tools with Bitdefender so that they work normally within Canvas.

Allowing Access to a Learning Tool in Bitdefender

Illustrated steps for adding specific websites to an allow list can be found on the Bitdefender support website. Here's a general outline for what to do:

  • Open Bitdefender on your computer
  • Click the shield icon
  • Click VIEW MODULES and then Whitelist
  • Enter one (or more) of the following websites, then press Add
Learning ToolWebsite to Whitelist
Library Course Materials, Reserves, and