Access and course sites

This is a quick overview of logging in to Canvas, finding your course sites, and adjusting notifications.

Before You Start 

You need the following: 

  • An active PennKey account (or authorized email address)
  • Enrollment in a current course site

Logging In

Log in to Canvas with your PennKey at: 

Please visit Pennkey help if you encounter difficulty with your Pennkey login.

If you are a Canvas user without a Pennkey, click "Using email to log in?" 

This method will not work for those who have Pennkeys.

Finding active course sites

If your instructor is using Canvas (not all faculty do), you can find the course site by viewing your course list.  

Finding concluded course sites

Old course sites remain available, in a read-only state, for up to five years after they began. 

Adjusting your notifications

Use Notification Preferences to tell Canvas when to notify you--ASAP, daily, weekly, or never--of course events .