Useful Mobile Apps at Wharton

This list of all the current mobile offerings at Wharton/Penn should help round out your device configuration. You can also see our Mobile Device Buying Guide here.

General Notes

  • Canvas: To register your Student or Teacher app with Penn Canvas, enter or select University of Pennsylvania. Check "Remember my authorization for this service."
  • Study.Net: To access the Study.Net app, you'll need to set a password on first.  Choose Forgot password when you login to set a new password to access your app.

Mobile Websites

iOS Apps

Android Apps


Additional Apps You May Find Useful in Our Environment

  • Google Calendar - a great way to sync all of your Google Accounts' calendars
  • Evernote - great for electronic note-taking
  • GoodReader - an excellent annotation app that can sync up with your favorite cloud storage device so that you can access your annotations anywhere.
  • Google Drive - allows you to access and edit the items that you store in your Google Drive including Google Docs.
  • Skitch - a tie-in to Evernote that allows you to markup pictures and screenshots on your device.


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