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Video Conference Features

Video conferences come equipped with features that can be used during lectures to assist with content delivery. These built-ins are available when creating and joining a meeting through Canvas. Some of the same tools may also be available when joining a meeting using an app or web browser, but not all will be. 

Before You Start 

You will need the following before you can complete this task: 

  • A published Canvas site
  • A video conference created within Canvas
  • The latest version of the video conference  program

Accessing the Features


You can access all of Zoom's functionality when in a meeting via the meeting toolbar:


  1. The meeting organizer will launch the Canvas course.
  2. Select BlueJeans in the left sidebar.
  3. Locate the appropriate BlueJeans Session under the New BlueJeans Meeting section and click the Join button.
  4. Click on the APPS icon in the top right of the BlueJeans screen.
  5. The APPS panel will appear, revealing all of the available applications.

Breakout Rooms

All users need to have the latest versions of the Zoom or BlueJeans app for best results with Breakout Rooms.

See our Video Conference Breakout Rooms article for more information.


The Whiteboard feature can come in handy when participants need to view what you are writing in real time. It can take the place of writing on a whiteboard or using a document camera in the classroom.


Learn how to share a Whiteboard on Zoom.




Learn how to use annotation tools on a shared screen or whiteboard in Zoom.


The built-in Annotation feature can be used to mark up a slide or any application window during your presentation. Before choosing annotation, it is recommended that all other applications with sensitive content be closed completely.



Zoom does have an integrated polling function. Keep in mind that a single Zoom meeting can have a maximum of 50 polls with 10 questions each. 


BlueJeans does not offer integrated polling. PollEverywhere can be used (see this article for some ideas about polling).

Upload & Share Video


Learn how to optimize a shared video in Zoom.


If you are planning to share videos during your synchronous lecture, using the upload and share video application will boost the video and audio quality. 

Windows users need to download additional software to make this feature work.