Find Your VPN Client Version Number

These instructions, for Windows and Mac OS X, detail how to find what version of the Wharton VPN you have installed on your computer.

Before you start

You will need:


  1. The FortiClient icon will appear in the SysTray on the your toolbar in the bottom right of your screen. You may need to click the ^ icon to expand your SysTray. The FortiClient Icon outlined in red
  2. Right click on the FortiClient shield icon (it may be blue, like above, or red). Select About FortiClient from the context menu.The FortiClient contextual menu
  3. The FortiClient console will open on the About page, and the version will be displayed at the top center of the console:The FortiClient About screen

Mac OS X

  1. Launch the Wharton VPN Client (FortiClient).
  2. Select About from the left panel in the client:Mac FortiClient About Screen