Graduation Technology To-Do List

Before You Start:

This article is for Undergraduate, MBA, and WEMBA Wharton students. 

PhD Students should see the Graduation Technology To-Do List for PhDs.

Wharton Student Computing wants your technology transition at graduation to be as smooth as possible. To help you, we've compiled a list of items to make sure your email, data, and accounts are ready to go and that you know all of the important dates for account closings.

Congrats on this major milestone!

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Review Account Closing Dates

Your access to Wharton and Penn online services ends shortly after you graduate, and some services end earlier than others.

See our Graduating Students: Account Closing Dates article for a comprehensive table with important dates for your student accounts.

Prepare Your Email for Transition

Your Google@Wharton account (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc.) is deleted one year following graduation. Learn how to save important emails and begin forwarding to your Alumni Forwarding Address.

1) Set a Change of Address Notice

Set an Out of Office providing both your Alumni Forwarding Address and a personal email address.

2) Begin Forwarding

Use your Wharton Alumni Forwarding Address to maintain a Wharton e-mail that forwards to a personal account.

3) Transfer Your Emails

Transfer your Wharton emails to a personal account. We suggest starting this process shortly before or shortly following graduation.

Manage Mailing Lists

Before you leave campus, unsubscribe from any mailing lists you're currently on. If you are the owner of a mailing list(s), identify and assign a new owner for the list. (Only current Wharton students can own mailing lists).


  1. Navigate to the Mailing List App.
  2. If prompted, login with your PennKey credentials.
  3. Choose the My Membership tab.
  4. Click Unsubscribe for each mailing list.

Transfer Ownership

  1. Navigate to the Mailing List App.
  2. If prompted, login with your PennKey credentials.
  3. Choose the List Ownership tab.
  4. Click Edit List for each mailing list.
  5. Add any new owners and remove yourself.
  6. Click Submit Changes.

Save Data You Want to Keep

Save data you'd like to keep before you lose access. To find out when you lose access to certain services, see our Graduating Students: Account Closing Dates article.

Wharton Google Drive

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MyWhartonDrive (Y:)

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OneDrive & OneNote

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Additional Backup Options

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Migrate your G Suite Documents (for Club Owners)

When your Google@Wharton account is deleted, all shared documents will be as well! In order to avoid this, we suggest changing ownership for files that club members will still need as well as doing a complete backup of your account.

1) Change Ownership for shared files

Follow Google's instructions to change the ownership for each file to another Wharton user.

Yes, you have to do this for each file you want transferred!

2) Backup all your files

Use the Google Takeout service to download a personal backup of all your Google Drive files.

Check Your Print Account Balance

Print credit is non-refundable but is usable until your Wharton account expires. Funds remaining in PennCash will be refunded shortly following graduation. 

Print Credit (non-refundable)

Print credit is non-refundable but is usable until your Wharton account expires. To check your balance, log in to MyWharton, click All Links, and click Print Credit Balance.

PennCash (refundable)

Log in to to view any remaining funds.

A refund will be issued automatically shortly following graduation or you can request one manually by contacting the PennCard Office.

3601 Walnut St, Rm 219, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Stay Connected

Even though your access to some services will end, remain a part of the Wharton family post-graduation by visiting the Wharton Alumni Relations Website and MyPenn. 

Visit Wharton Alumni Relations Website

Visit the Wharton Alumni Relations website to learn more about your opportunities as a Wharton graduate.

Activate Your MyPenn Profile

MyPenn is a one-stop portal for Penn and Wharton alumni. It is your online directory that connects you with fellow alumni around the world. You will also find an events calendar and access to exclusive alumni resources. Log in today to update your profile and explore the Wharton community.

Alumni PennCard

Although your PennCard will expire shortly after graduation, alumni are able to purchase an Alumni PennCard which offers many of the same benefits and discounts as your student PennCard. For more information on what is available to you, visit the Alumni PennCard website.

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