Files, folders and Study.Net

This article provides an overview of working with files in Canvas. Some materials are available only through Study.Net, and thus cannot be found in any files section.

File Locations

Files can be found in three areas...

Downloading Files

You can download files in three ways:

Uploading Files

Press Upload to upload one or more files from your computer. Only instructors and TAs can upload files to a course site files area.

Study.Net materials

Although you will access Study.Net materials through Canvas, Study.Net is a separate service  that manages the delivery of copyrighted materials. Materials provided by Study.Net will not be found in any files section, but can be accessed using the "Study.Net" link in the left navigation bar.

TIP: Do not use Files to submit assignments online. Your instructor will not be notified that you have done so, and you may not receive credit.