Updating Your Wharton VPN

This article helps you manage a VPN update on your own and teaches you how to check your VPN version number.

All installations of FortiClient (Wharton's VPN client) must be updated to the most recent supported version (7.0.10) due to a recently discovered security vulnerability in older versions.

This is a critical fix that must be applied as soon as possible; it requires a restart on Windows computers or the use of your administrative password on macOS.

The update includes the following changes:

  • Installs a fix for critical security flaws found in previous FortiClient versions.

  • Changes the way Windows 10/11 launches the FortiClient VPN: use the system tray icon (see these instructions for details), rather than using the app or search.

MBA and Undergraduate students: use the Virtual Lab client unless otherwise instructed. The Wharton VPN is available to Faculty, Staff and PhD students.  

Checking your Current VPN Version

The ways to check which version of the VPN you're running varies by your computer's operating system:


Use these directions to check the version on Windows machines:


Use these directions to check the version on macOS machines:

Updating your Forticlient VPN

These directions are for Wharton-managed computers using the automatic installation process provided by Wharton Computing. If you are manually installing or updating your Forticlient VPN, see our Wharton VPN article.

The steps for updating your Forticlient VPN vary by your computer's operating system.


Use these directions if your computer is running Windows. 


Use these directions if your computer is running macOS.


Contact your Wharton Computing representative.