Surveys and Analysis


Integrating Web Service Data Into Qualtrics Survey Loop and Merge
Shows Qualtrics survey designers how to use REST data service endpoints to populate data for survey questions. It includes a detailed Loop and Merge example.
Running a Longitudinal Study in Qualtrics
This article will help Qualtrics survey designers understand how to create a longitudinal study.   Before You Start   You will need the following before you can complete this task:   Qualtrics account ( Research Core  ...
Qualtrics Account
Qualtrics can help you create and distribute business/customer surveys, collect results, and analyze results. Full-time Wharton faculty, staff, and students are eligible for a Qualtrics account as long as their Wharton account remains active (studen...
Conditional Logic with Date and Time in Qualtrics
Create display logic based on date, time, or day of the week in Qualtrics.