Working and Learning Remotely - Students

This article will provide information for attending classes and doing class work remotely.

Before You Start 

You must activate your account first before you can use BlueJeans.  You'll need the following: 

  • Access to the internet
  • Computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Pennkey Account and password

Attending Class Remotely Using Virtual Meetings (BlueJeans)

Activate Your BlueJeans Account

Before using BlueJeans for the first time you must activate your account:

  1. Go to  and click the Login button
  2. Enter your Pennkey credential. 

If you have a problem logging in, contact Student Support for assistance. If you don't have time to get assistance, you can also log in as a Guest.

Note: Please confirm that you can log in well in advance of your scheduled class meeting time.

Authenticate Virtual Meetings

  1. Log in once with your PennKey to
  2. Go to Virtual Meetings in a Canvas course site (such as FNCE 100 Jaffe)
  3. "Canvas Authentication Required" will be shown. (If it isn't, please allow third-party cookies in your web browser: 
  4. Press the Authenticate button and look for a notification in your address bar of a pop-up window.
  5. Then press Authorize in that window

This one-time set of steps should result in seeing a list of upcoming, in-progress, and recorded Virtual Meetings; you'll be able to play any of the recorded ones using the Play button.

Getting Started

To attend class remotely and have the best experience, you will need to install BlueJeans before your scheduled class.

  • BlueJeans App: To attend class using the BlueJeans application you will need to install BlueJeans on a laptop or desktop computer: 

  •  Web Browser: To attend class using your web browser, paste the URL for your class provided by your professor or TA into a web browser and when prompted select Join with Browser.

    Choose Join with Browser

  • Tablets: To attend class using your Tablet you will need to install the BlueJeans App:

For more information about using BlueJeans:

Note: If you are unable to attend your class through BlueJeans, check to see if the recording is on Canvas or contact your professor.

Testing Your Connection

 We recommend you test your connections before your class starts.

  1.  Make sure video icon is unmuted.
  2. Go to
  3. Talk and Jean the Parrot will repeat what you said, in Jean's parrot voice, to confirm your mic and speakers are meeting-ready.

Best Practices for attending classes remotely

  • Most remote classes will be scheduled through Canvas. Please log into Canvas, open your class, and join the meeting from the Virtual Meetings tab on the left navigation pane.

  • When you enter your class through BlueJeans, your microphone will automatically be muted. Please do not unmute your microphone during the class.

  • All comments and questions should be posted in the Chat window.

  • Make sure you are in a quiet area.

  • Please make sure all BlueJeans chats are class-related. 

  • To limit noise in the class please make sure your microphone is muted. 


  • Virtual Meetings for classes -  Use this tool to meet virtually with classmates and study groups. 

  • Email - Access your email by going to

  • Virtual Lab - access software needed for course assignments

Productivity Software

  • G Suite - Docs, Sheets, and Slides

  • Penn Office 365 - Access to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint online and Office software can be downloaded to personal devices

File Shares

As a student you have a variety of document sharing options.

Two-Step Verification

Make sure you have the device (smartphone, key fob, or something else) that you use to authenticate for Two-Step Verification. You might also want to print out some backup authentication codes by following these instructions (the "Generate and print backup codes" section specifically).

Other Tools

Here is a partial list of University-provided software you can install/access on your personal computer for the purposes of remote work.


Contact: Wharton Student Computing