Whartonization Guide: Android Mobile Devices

Android: AirPennNet (WiFi)

Android: Wharton Gmail

Android: Subscribing to Calendar Feeds

Android: Recommended Apps

MyWharton Mobile App

The MyWharton mobile app allows you to access MyWharton's full interface from any mobile device! Download the app via the Google Play store and sign-in with your PennKey credentials.

Wharton Connect App

The Wharton Connect App allows Wharton students and alumni to access the Wharton Connect Community web site from a mobile device. It also allows you to book GSRs and check-in to some courses.

Solstice App for Wireless GSR Connections

Use the solstice app to wirelessly connect your Android to a Group Study Room monitor to share your screen

Virtual Lab App

Log into our lab computers using your mobile device to access all of the software available on lab machines including the full Windows version of Microsoft Office and course specific applications such as JMP and Matlab.

Android: Mobile Printing

The email printing option supplements the more robust laptop printing option. You'll get best results if you use your laptop.

If you need to print from a mobile device, you can send the document to the printer by email. You must attach the document in order for it to print (e.g., you cannot send a link to a file that's in Google Drive).